Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Move Along....Nothing to See Here....

Well.  I got bit.  By the ruffle scarf bug.  I'd been letting those couple balls I bought hibernate in my basement, but after seeing some ruffle scarves done on the knitting machine, I thought it was high time to knit it up, lest it hibernate itself right out of style.

I'll post pictures tomorrow of the first two scarves.  Today is about what I purchased to make more.  Last week, Michael's had the Sashay and Starbella on sale, $1 off, so I bought a few more balls.  On Thursday.  On Friday we get the new flyer, and they're on sale for even more off.  Argh. 

I've gotten some questions about my "Yarn In/Yarn Out/Balance/Cost" blurbs.  So, to recap--the week after Christmas last year, I decided to start keeping track of how much I knit and how much yarn I buy.  The first few projects were using up old stash and I couldn't figure out yardage, so I decided to go by weight.  It's also easier for most people to visualize 100gr of yarn (a ball of Classic Wool, or Decor, or sock yarn), rather than 220yds (Classic Wool) or 420 yds (sock yarn).  When I'm fully done a project (trimmed ends, etc), I weigh the project.  That's pretty simple.  I don't do a lot of swatching, so I generally am not weighing swatches, unless I actually knit something from that swatch and it's using up the yarn.  If I'm keeping the swatch because there's more yarn, or I'm not ready to use it, then I'm not weighing it.  As for "Yarn In"....I started off the year with a big yarn donation--4820gr.  I did NOT add this to my "bought" yarn total.  I tried initially to keep separate totals for things I made with donated yarn, but I think it caused too much confusion in later posts where items were made from both types of yarn, but I used only the running total from "bought" yarn.  So, I'm going to go back and alter the original posts to reflect TOTAL yarn in (from all sources) and TOTAL yarn out.  When I get that done, I will update this post, so I'm not posting my totals for this purchase, except to say it was 600grams and about $45.

Okay, I've updated.  For those that are interested, previously, on Oct 4, I had posted Yarn In:  9738gr, Yarn Out:  12 643gr; Balance:  2905gr more used than bought.  My new Oct 4 details are Yarn In:  14 828gr; Yarn Out 13 501gr; Balance 1327gr more In than Out.  So, my yarn in grew quite a bit, and my yarn out grew a little, and I've still got more new yarn brought into the house, than yarn that has left the stash (yes, much of it has just changed shape and moved to a different part of the house).  And now are my new totals including the yarn I bought last week:

Yarn In:  14 828gr + 600gr = 15 482gr
Yarn Out:  13 501 gr
Balance:  1927gr more IN than Out
Costs:  $317.59 + $42.86 = $360.45/289 days = $1.25/day

I still think this is quite reasonable; particularly the cost per day.  Less than a cup of coffee!  And, if you divide the 15 482gr by $317.59, you get 48.7cents per gram.  That doesn't sound too bad, though I will admit getting the huge (4829gr) donation early in the year really subsidizes that cost.  If I didn't have that donation, my daily cost would still be the same, but my output would probably have been a little lower too as I made at least 4 baby blankets and many hats/scarves with it!  I was going to figure out how much yarn I use per day, but some of the "yarn out" was donated, not knit.  If I don't buy anymore yarn, and do get more used up...lets say I end the year with 1000gr more brought in than used....times by 17 years of knitting....17 000gr of "surplus" yarn....You really don't think I'm about to get out my scale and weigh all my yarn do you?  LOL!!

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