Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh Baby!

I've got some baby items to show off!  I'd have even more if I'd get around to seaming a Baby Surprise Jacket, but I only like to seam during the day, and I don't get much "sit on the couch" time these days!  I also need some brighter days to photograph a few other items!

This is the "All in One" sweater done on the LK150.  This was a project the MK group I'm in did last....Oh my, I just went back in my emails to see if I had any record of when the club did it, and it was done last NOVEMBER.  It sat in my knitting drawer until early this month, all it needed was the ribbing around the opening!  So I finally sat down and got to work on that.  I was almost ready to cast off when I realized I had forgotten buttonholes!  So I decided to knit a flower and I'll sew a hidden snap on.
This is the same unknown yarn that I made the baby cocoon in, that you see in the tutorial from this past spring.  I think I have just enough left for a little hat, though I"m unsure of what size to make it.  If I have enough, I'll try to make two hats of slightly different sizes.  Heads grow pretty quickly.  It weighs in at 138gr and is 19" around at the chest.

Yarn In:  17 741gr
Yarn Out:  138gr + 14 140gr = 14 278gr
Balance:  3463gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $420.20/304 days =  $1.38/day

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