Friday, November 02, 2012

Ooops! Sort Of!

Just a reminder that I will make a random draw this afternoon, from the comments this week for a copy of "Posh Pocket Sewing Tips"; a handy little book filled with great sewing tips and advice!

I've been communicating with a local photographer about making little hats and diaper covers for photo props. I finally got to meet up with her yesterday and sell her a few things.  In exchange for a discount, she will let me use (with the parents' permission) her photos of the items.  However, when I was leaving, I realized I hadn't taken pictures for the blog!  Then I remembered the deal.  Then I realized that I hadn't weighed some of the items!  She loved the pink/beige hat with the flower, and I knit a diaper cover to go with it, 30gr.  I also made a dark blue diaper cover to go with the soldier boy cap, a little bigger and denser yarn, 40gr.  She didn't like the hat, particularly the yellow band.  Perhaps if I used proper gold trim....or just take it off.  I wasn't thrilled about it either.  It does appear though that she doesn't like the bold boy type of hat, she likes more neutral and soft.  I also made a long red and white striped stocking cap and striped diaper cover.  Going to estimate 100gr for the hat and 35gr for the cover.  She wants a few more items, and showed me some pictures of what she likes.  Hopefully this leads to even more!

I don't like photoless posts, so here's a little picture (why does it seem smaller than pictures on other posts?  I've even set this at "large" when usually I think I do "medium" and that was definitely smaller than usual).  Taken on Thanksgiving weekend at my parents' almost a month ago!

Yarn In:  18 141gr
Yarn Out: 205gr + 14 640 = 14 845gr
Balance:  3296 gr more brought IN than used up
Costs:  $437.08/313days = $1.40 per day

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