Monday, November 12, 2012

Vampire Cocoon

I had been doing so well at posting M-W-F until last week.  Not a normal week at all, even with my life that doesn't have a normal "normal" if you know what I mean!

Recently, I had written here about not getting comments and feedback on patterns.  The cocoon pattern is the most popular post I have written, yet I rarely hear from people that have made it.  Sometimes I'll see it on the Facebook Ultimate Knitting Machine group (the only FB knitting group I'm in), or in a Ravelry or Yahoo group, but not often.  Just the day after writing that post, someone in the Facebook group DID post a cocoon picture.  He said he got the pattern from  I know they link to my pattern there, as well as others.  The picture looked like my pattern, so I asked and indeed, he had used it to create a Vampire cocoon! 
He extended the back (which I think is folded over the front here), in red, to make the collar.  And made a little hat.  Isn't this cool!  I'm nowhere near that creative!
I think if you want to try this, when you get to the back, you can do one of two is like I did when I made stuffed animal sleeping bags.  Short row just like doing the bottom of the cocoon, "up and over" and end up with a double thickness for the back collar.  This doesn't flare out like a vampire collar though.  So, I think I would actually increase on either side, every other row for about 3", then do a turning row (knit looser, or reform to garter stitch, or picot), then decrease back down, even doing seam-as-you-go along the edges.  Join the open end to the inside.  I hope you can visualize this.  It'll wrap around to the front, but not be joined along the top front edge.
Any other cocoon ideas out there?  I've seen footballs, cobs of corn....

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