Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Love My Job

I have been so busy the past two weeks, barely home it seems.  I've been knitting custom orders for a photographer, and have two a custom order for two more of those long, textured, multi-coloured hats--one in greens and one in pinks.  So, that meant shopping!  I didn't succeed very well with finding yarns for those projects, but I certainly DID find yarn, LOL.  And a few sweaters for the sewn mitts.

There is actually one new ball of yarn missing from this picture; bought specifically for a custom order but then I didn't use it.  What we do have here...at back left, a bag (335gr) of mostly blue yarns, including 4 balls of Bouquet "Floss", 75% mohair, 10%wool, 10% acrylic, 5% nylon, a ball of Simpsons "Supremacy" All Purpose Yarn, 50% wool, 50% nylon, (Simpsons was like Sears, and was eventually bought by Sears which became Simpsons-Sears in Canada);  and a ball of Harding "Sock & Sweater Yarn" (from the days people knit sweaters by hand at 7st/inch!); it's so old it just says "wool and viscose, nylon re-inforced; washable colours", so I have no idea of what the percentages are!  $2.99+tax

205gr of Pingouin "poudreuse"; 80% acrylic, 10% wool, 10% mohair in a minty, light sage.  This will be perfect for one of the two hats!  A little on the lighter side than I'd like (22st), but it's hard to find mohair-ish yarns at a worsted weight.  This bag was $3.99 - 30% ($2.80)+ tax, from Value Village.

Front right is a bag of cream yarns.  I saw the Lopi and thought it was all Lopi so I was a little disappointed when I looked at it at home.  245gr in total, $3.99 - 30% ($2.80)+ tax from Value Village (so, still a good deal for a ball of Lopi!) and cream coloured worsted yarns can always be used.

Middle front:  two balls of Lionbrand Fun Fur, bought new at Michaels', $8 + tax, 100gr

Left front:  3 balls of Knitpicks "Sugar Bunny", 80% merino, 20% angora in a deep emerald, from Value Village for $5.99 - 30% ($4.19)+ tax.  I almost passed it by because it's not the green I'm looking for, but then I saw the label!  It'll make a nice little set for me and my new black coat.  However, after petting it in the truck, I found green fuzz on my coat :(  122gr...the ball with the label weighs in at 48gr and the label says 50gr.  Even if the label weighs nothing, the ball is still short 2gr and since this yarn has great yardage, 2-3gr can make a difference.  The smallest ball is 28gr and interestingly, has a slightly felted look.

Not shown, a 128gr ball of Loops & Threads Impeccable in "Forest".   I'm sure I've used this yarn in variegated colours, and it was soft and had a slight sheen.  This yarn is dry and matte.  Hopefully steam will improve it.  Total, $3.96

Yarn In:  1135gr + 19 015gr = 20 150gr
Yarn Out:  15 783gr
Balance:  4367 gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $27.96 + $468.34 = $496.30/345 days = $1.44/day

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