Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ruffle Scarf

At the last MK group meeting, I took a ball of ruffle yarn to use up.  I wanted to use a backing yarn with it, but none of the yarns I wanted to use looked good (I had yarns that I didn't want to use that looked good though, LOL).  I got started on it without the backing yarn.  Five needles, with two out of work between each.  Knit for a few rows, and found a knot in the yarn.  Worked around that, after a while, I decreased down to 4 and then 3 needles in work, then increased outwards again.
However...the decreases/increases ended up being too much towards one end.  So, I brought it home, figuring I'd get it re-done soon.  Well, that meeting was the last week of November...and I just worked it up on Sunday evening.  But it went much quicker this time....I think because it was easier to knit it straight from the old scarf than from the ball (and plus, there wasn't the distractions there were at the meeting).
It's a charming little scarf, not too ruffly, with a hint of glimmer.  Not a crazy, bright, over the top scarf, but more subtle.
I didn't weigh this, and I didn't include it in last year's totals.  Should I?  I had certainly intended it to be finished by Christmas, LOL.  I also have a Baby Surprise Jacket that was waiting to be sewn up since the early fall.  It still needs buttons, but really, it was "done" long before the end of the year.  Should I include it?  Sort of feels like cheating, LOL.
This scarf is for sale, just to let you know :)


Connie (CJ) Griffin said...

Tracy, this is exactly what I've been looking for!

A lady at church wants one and I wasn't sure if I could do it on my knitting machine, so I've been playing around with the Bond and every other needle. What size is your machine? What's the brand name of the yarn you used? If I read this correctly, you only used the novelty yarn, not a second strand, right?

TracyKM said...

Hi Connie
I don't know the brand name as it was sold at a discount yarn store that bought from yarn from Spinrite and it was re-labelled. It's probably a Patons/Bernat, though it looks a lot like the Starbella that I used. I'll dig around this afternoon and see if I can find the label :)
I used the LK150, a 6.5mm machine. In the Facebook USM group, if you look in files, there is a version or two. Also check out She does it on a 9mm bulky, I think.
Yes, this one was just the ruffle yarn, no second/backing yarn.