Friday, January 25, 2013

Stash Enhancements

I had a little talk with myself, and told myself I wasn't going to end this year with another 5kg surplus of yarn.  I'm do a lot of little custom knits, and I'm finding myself in yarn stores and thrift stores a lot as a result, since I don't seem to have the right yarns somehow.  I'm trying really hard to not add to my stash, except for business purposes. the thrift store, yarn comes in bags with often several different yarns in one bag.  Sometimes sorted by colour, sometimes random.  So this adds to my pile.  And, due to the popularity of the multi-textured, many shades stocking hats (two more to show you), I want to offer an older child version, and also be prepared for other colour combinations that might come up.  And, sometimes I buy a yarn (thrift store or yarn store), and it's not right after all, or I used only a yard or two.  So, already my stash has grown.  I'm trying though, really I am!

 This was a thrift store purchase.  The rose at top is Vanna's Choice, 82gr.  I just used different Vanna's Choice for mini blankets; I wish this was a full ball.  But it and the Bernat Boucle will be nice for textured hats.  The Moda Dea "Eden" is an interesting yarn.  Could be a cowl, or added to a hat.  I also bought a skein of Red Heart something, and two balls of Vanna's Choice.
 I bought this grey sweater to unravel for a mini baby blanket.  I had bought a darker gray, but the photographer wanted a light gray.  I was surprised at the lack of worsted weight light grey yarns!  This is an Old Navy sweater, mostly cotton, and very soft!  Felt a little guilty to unravel it, but that's okay.
 I was surprised to find it was knit to size, instead of cut from panels.
 This is a peach sweater I bought to unravel.  I'm not fond of peach for myself, so it might become things for the shop.  I thought the shape of the bottom of the sweater was odd (above).  The angled bits look sort of like leg holes.
A close up of the peach yarn.  It's a little darker than this, but not quite as dark as the above picture.  I don't have totals for either of these sweaters yet.

Yarn In:  200gr + 661gr = 861gr
Yarn Out:  92gr
Balance: 769gr more brought IN than out
Cost $23.96 + $21.17 = $45.07/25 days = $1.80/day

Guess I need to get showing the projects I've finished so far!  Not sure they'll bring me up to 769 gr though!  I didn't include the two sweaters in this calculations as I'm not done weighing them.

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...and thanks for visiting mine:)) Yes, I did ment your profilepicture. I love that hat (isn´t that a stiff one? I meen the word hat) Anyway, I did some lookalike for children (did I tell you that I also have a website: and there you can see some of my "mössor" for children.
So nice to be in contact with you.
A big hug from the other side of the world/Eva