Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stop Me!

A couple weeks ago, I sold my first pair of mittens in my friend's boutique!  The buyer wrote about her shopping trip on her blog, and my friend passed on the link to me.  Looking at her blog, I saw her slouchy beehive hat pattern.  I knew I had to make one!  I didn't know I'd be making (at least) five!

I started out using the extra ball of Shetland Chunky, so handy that's what the pattern called for!  I got it knit pretty quickly, though I had to take out quite a bit that I had knit at a concert since I wasn't used to counting the rows.  I think I altered the decreases a little, but it doesn't matter.  I knew when it was done that it needed a little something extra.  We just happened to have these black rosette barrettes, and I slipped one on.  Perfect!

There is only two problems.  One...Lucy is insisting that the hat is for her.  I have to hide it!  The second problem is that I can't make just one!  I found two colours of unknown chunky yarn and got going!

 Then I bought some yarn to make another one for myself in turquoise and one for Meg in a different turquoise, however, hers came out a little small.  She wears mine sometimes. 
 A little steam helped this one slouch a little better than in the photo.  It's also a little tight on the head form.  Both this one and the pink and white one are for sale.

I did get a black one done for Lucy, but it looks the same as mine, so no picture.

Well,  what a lot of effort to get this posted.  Blogger's photo glitch has wasted a lot of my time.  First I tried setting up a Flickr account, but Blogger said the url was not available to the public, despite having set the pictures to public.  I don't know.  I'm trying Picasa now, since I have it on my tablet and phone, so maybe I'll be able to share photos even easier.  Except that the tablet only has a camera on the screen side (and when you rotate it vertical, the "button" is right beneath the lens), and my phone camera is very basic.  I won't let technology get me down though!
Ack...I almost hit "close" instead of spell check!  LOL.
I already included these hats in the totals for last year.  I haven't bought any yarn yet this year :)


steel breeze said...

I did answer your question re Flickr on my blog. You have to "grab HTML" :)

TracyKM said...

Thanks. I'll go take a look at your answer. I was pasting the url into the url option. Not sure about "grab HTML" as I'm very non-fluent in HTML LOL.