Sunday, January 20, 2013


I just wanted to give a little thanks to the recent newcomers to my blog!  I just noticed I was up to 56 followers, and I really appreciate it!  I'm not going to run a give away here for a little bit (the last two did not get the response I was hoping for).  But I do really appreciate people reading what I take the time to write!

On a similar note, I'd like to invite you to my facebook page, TracyKM Designs.  I purposely don't do much business talk here as I like to focus on education and supporting other knitters.  But I need to network!  If you're on Facebook, and comment/like something on my page, it'll show up in your newsfeed.  And while you're a knitter/sewer who doesn't need to purchase anything, perhaps someone reading your newsfeed knows someone who is having a baby, or someone who is a baby photographer,'s not so much who YOU know, it's who knows who you know :)

To show my appreciation of the support I've received so far, I'm having a give away on my FB page when I reach 50 likes.  All you have to do to qualify is like my page!  But if you share the give away post, or a link to my page on your own page/profile, I'll give you an additional entry.

While you're over there, you can check out the new photos I've just posted of some adorable baby photo prop hats, like the long cream textured one from before Christmas.  I can't wait to see babies in the hats!

Thanks again for reading!

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