Friday, March 01, 2013

Gone Fishin'

A little while ago, I was asked by a photographer to make a fisherman outfit.  She showed pictures; wanted a cream bucket hat and blue pants, and some wee fish.  I searched my stash, I wanted to use cotton for authenticity.  I didn't have anything that worked, but what I did have in both colours, was some Red Heart "Washable Wool".  So yes, I made a newborn "Tilley" hat in wool.  LOL.  This wool has a nice construction though, which gives it an sort of cotton look, but is very soft and durable.

 I made the pants on the SK155, using the same pattern as the Tom Sawyer pants.  Funny how this odd shaped piece, combined with one done in reverse, can be turned into pants!
 I sewed a piece of twill tape to the outside of the hat and fed a length of yarn through it, coming to the inside at the back.  I wish I could have done grommets and snaps too.  Grommets are a little tricky because you don't want to snip the yarn, so it needs to go between stitches--pre plan and use eyelet holes.  The hat is a little over sized, as a sunhat should be.  Plus, I think it's adorable when daddies plop their favourite hat on their tiny lads!  The hat is crocheted.
The fish are a free crochet pattern from Red Heart.  I didn't stuff them, but tucked all the ends in (and a few snips more of matching yarn).  I didn't want them puffy, but this little bit did help give them a bit of squishiness.
I can't wait to see this set on a real baby.  I was rushing to get these pictures, and it was cold out!  We went from a dusting of snow to a huge storm that evening and the next day, over 12"/30cm of snow.  It was coming down at about an inch an hour!  Definitely not fishing weather!

I didn't make the shoes, but what an awesome match!  Jennifer is so talented!

Interested in having your own little fishing set?  I can't use the exact yarn again (discontinued), but send me an email and we can work something out!  TracyKM at yahoo dot com!

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