Wednesday, March 06, 2013

More Sweetness

One of the other items I got at Value Village to unravel was this sweater.  I loved the multi colours and textures in the yarn, as well as the gold thread.  There's a lot of yarn in this sweater,  610gr (already accounted for), as well as three nice, large buttons.  Scroll back a few posts and you can see a picture of the sweater.  I don't think it had even been worn, because these hats softened up a lot once washed.  These hats barely took any (40gr each)! 
 The first one seemed a little narrow, so I crocheted a ruffle around the face. 

 Little detail on the ties.
 Close up of the ruffle and yarn, with it's many textures and colours.
 I made a larger one, without the ruffle.  This one still fits on the newborn head, but can stretch up to a 6 month head!  I found the perfect flower when looking for ribbon to use for ties.  It has both a pin and an alligator clip, so it's removable.
After finding out how soft this yarn actually is, I'm going to make a hat and cowl for myself.  And fingerless gloves.  My old ones are looking a little ratty!

Yarn In: 4892gr
Yarn Out:  80gr + 1244gr = 1324gr
Balance: 3568gr more brought IN than out
Costs: $141.54/65 days = $2.18/day

Newborn items may be quick to knit up, but they sure don't make of a dent in the stash!!

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