Monday, April 15, 2013

Can't Stop Myself!

Had to visit Value Village to shop for my husband's birthday.  Had to just "check out" the yarn section.  Only two bags of yarn came home with me, but they sure do add up!  As well, I found a sweater to unravel.

 Two balls of Beehive Shetland Chunky to make another slouchy Beehive hat.  It's darker than the picture, a sort of tweedy dark blue (105gr).  "Pow Wow Machine Washable Indian Type Yarn".  It's a thick, single ply, 20% wool yarn, 180gr; teal acrylic (Vanna's Choice?), apple green with glitter (possibly cotton), and fuzzy light grey (Sear's "Giselle" again maybe); 169gr; unlabelled brown that was in with the Classic Wool and I thought was also Classic Wool but doesn't look like it once I actually held it (131gr); Classic Wool (111gr).  The balls in front are from an Esprit sweater (548gr).
 For some reason, I'm really attracted to slightly textured sweaters with a metallic thread.  I'd like to find a more summery looking yarn though.  I'm also wondering if this one is gender-neutral.  I like it, and I think it could be newborn boyish....but I don't have a newborn boy so I'm not 100% sure. 

I lucked out with this sweater.  No weird collars, no button bands, no pockets, just as simple as it could be.  What was surprising though was that there were still knots in the yarn; I would have figured they'd be using cone yarn.  The cowl collar was a little odd...about two rows after the cast on there was a knot.  In the cowl itself, there were probably 4 knots.  For $7.99 and I bit of work, I think 548gr is a great deal!

See, it didn't look like a whole lot, but it's 1245gr!!  And since my finished total is only 1672 for the YEAR....I have knit up more than that, but it's not quite finished yet.  But we're talking a few hundred grams, not a few thousand, LOL.

Yarn In: 5192gr + 1245gr = 6437gr
Yarn Out:  1672gr
Balance:  4765gr more brought IN than out!
Costs:  $15.78 + $157.97 = $173.75/105 days = $1.65/day

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