Thursday, May 30, 2013

Twin Hats

I seem to be acquiring a bit of "Giselle" yarn, an old one by Sears.  It's possible that some of the unlabeled balls aren't actually Giselle, but they look, feel, and work the same.  I thought a little twin set would be nice.
 This soft grey could be altered for a boy's hat by removing the scallop (permanently).
 Simple sweetness.  There is a row of double crochets above the braid rows, which I did to thread a ribbon through.  I just can't decide on what colour.  I have a nice darkish grey one though.
Flowers could also be made to add.  The rose would look nice on the grey hat...but a grey flower on the rose hat?  Ick.  Suggestions?  White flower or ribbon on both?  Take the scallop off the grey one?
Newborn size. 

Yarn In:  6637gr
Yarn Out: 53gr + 4110gr = 4163gr
Balance:  2474 gr more brought IN than out
Cost:  $185.03/151 days = $1.22/day

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