Saturday, June 01, 2013

Tiny Toes

A client wanted some little ballet type slippers for newborn shoots.  No problem, I thought.  However, most patterns say 0-3 months, and are really sized for 3 months, not 7-10 day olds.  I ended up making 4 pairs, using different yarns, from DK on thinner.

The smallest ones were really too small, the largest ones probably too big for newborns.  Quick and easy pattern, though I seemed to keep having a problem with the second last row.  I had no idea how long to make the ribbons.
Aren't these twins adorable!  The boy was 8lb and the girl only 5lbs.  Jennifer is so awesome and creative!

Yarn In:  6637gr
Yarn Out:  19gr + 4110gr
Balance:  4091gr more brought IN than out
Cost:  $185.03/153 days = $1.21/day

19gr to make four pairs of slippers.  Sigh.  Not getting much yarn used up.  And...I rescued more yarn from Value Village.  Gorgeous yarn.  Can't wait to show it.  Can wait to add it to the totals LOL.

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