Sunday, June 02, 2013

Water Bottle Holders

Last summer I tried making some water bottle holders.  I really loved the convenience of them!  I still couldn't convince the kids to carry their own most of the time, but at least I wasn't trying to stuff 4 bottles into my purse!

I posted some pictures on my Facebook page and quickly got an order for FIVE, in Arizona from an online friend!  Exciting!  She picked out some pictures and this is the result:

These are the fabrics she chose--two camo's for her sons, a retro floral for her, a modern floral for her almost-tween daughter, and a bold floral for her mom.
 I picked out the inside fabrics.  Basic black for the boys, striped sweaters for the middle two, and a feminine floral for the blue one.  The black ones have matching black straps, the two white straps are webbing, and the pink strap is corduroy.  I pushed my comfort zone to do the one stripes sideways.

I've made several more since, and will show them to you later!  I'm taking orders, and making up a stock pile.  $15 for one, multi-item discount applies ($13 each for 2-4, and $10 each for 5+). 

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