Thursday, July 11, 2013

Keeping Busy!

My DVR died, and I had a lot of shows recorded to watch during the summer slow now I don't have much motivation to sit on the couch in the evenings and knit.  I'm out and about a lot with the kids, so I need easy, portable projects, and when I'm home, I've been busy sewing.  On Saturday, I'm going to be a vendor at a local arts festival (music, crafts, arts, etc).  It'll be my first time doing it since....April 2007?  And back then I had a couple of table-sharers.  This time, I have sewing to offer too!
I have 21 sewn water bottle holders, in three sizes.  Almost all of them were made in the past two weeks (well, started two weeks ago, but the straps didn't happen till this week).  I also have 10 crocheted water bottle holders, and one crocheted tote bag, and some neck coolers...would have had more, but I can't get the crystals (and forgot to look at another store tonight...).  I wish I had more of the crocheted ones too.  I just hung some up to stretch out a bit and finish drying, and they fit a variety of bottles so easily.  I've got a 1L pop bottle in one!  Rob says they're too "girly" though.  We'll see.
I also bought three balls of yarn tonight.  Oops.  Two for layering blankets or pods, one for water bottle holders!  I'll add that up later, I've got to get more done for the sale!  It's all the little things that suck up time--printing photos, price lists, stock list, etc.

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