Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Water Bottle Holder

Boring title, I know. Sorry.  What more can I say about them?

The one photographer that got TracyKM Designs rolling, requested a water bottle holder for her papergirl, who is always hot but never brings water.  The girl likes pink, and Jennifer wanted something that would help keep the water cold.  I do think my wool holders work better for that than the cotton ones, but I also use a double walled bottle, so I can't do a fair comparison.  I didn't have any wool ones made up, but have quite a few sweaters waiting to be made into more mittens.  I also had this funky fleece that I used years ago to make a pair of pants for Meg.  She also has a water bottle holder with this fleece.
Some people like to carry things cross-body, and some like to carry over their shoulder, and people come in all sizes, so I've been wanting to make an adjustable strap, but the extra cost and time to use buckles/slides, etc doesn't make it worth it.  Then, when I bought some strapping early in the summer, I mis-calculated and ended up with short pieces.  I had an idea for making them adjustable, but couldn't put the time in before that arts sale in July.  Basically, I cut a long strap, and on the loose end, put about 5 button holes.  Then I sewed on a short strap, and sewed a button on.  Added a bit of time, but with using a vintage button, not much cost.  However, most of my vintage buttons are BORING! 

I have found that my wool bottle holders are not really reversible.  On ones done with a woven fabric, I figured it was because it was thinner and not stretchy.  So I wanted to use a fleece this time.  It didn't have a lot of stretch, but still, it just doesn't sit right if turned inside out.  The bottom gets all pouffy.  Maybe there's a different way to construct them...stitch in the ditch around the bottom seam to join them?  I'd need a tiny free arm though.  Perhaps "quilt" the bottom two layers together, but then how to sew them to the sides?  Hand quilt together?  Anyone got some ideas?  I had actually planned to cut the fleece layer a bit bigger than the wool layer, but I think I forgot, and it actually seems the fleece layer is too big.  Perhaps the wool got stretched when I cut it...

If it seems all I talk about/show is stuff for TracyKM is taking up a lot of my time!  I just got some great orders that are  keeping me busy!!  I do however, have a shawl to show you later this week!!

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