Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Still Ouch!

My toes still hurt.  Not the "OMG I BROKE A TOE" hurt, but the "man, when is this going to stop" hurt.  A sort of burning feeling.

Anyway, got the "Gru" scarf off the machine, all the ends woven in, washed, and it's drying.  The "Edith" hat has just come off the machine and needs the hand finishing.  I'm going crazy with photographer props and a few other orders.  Bought a fabulous lot of yarn at Value Village, hate to add it all up, LOL.  Some of it I'm re-selling on kijiji.ca (I have three ads posted in the hobbies section).   I recently sold some yarn, so I guess I can add up how much that weighed and add it to my "out" total!  I've tried so hard to not buy yarn on speculation, but I just couldn't leave these really nice yarns at VV.  Pictures will come later.  I've got to get back to work on the Edith hat, and put my foot up to rest again!

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