Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yarn In

This post is a little depressing, LOL.  Tallying up all my yarn in over the past couple weeks.  Some was bought specifically for projects, some was bought because I couldn't pass it up at Value Village/Salvation Army.

Red Heart Buttercup, 50gr, $9.03.  This one really depresses me.  I had an order for a snowman hat, and I tried several of my stash yarns, but they were either not white enough, or not textured enough.  I searched around, and finally found this yarn at FabricLand.  Good thing is, I've used a good amount of it; I hope there's enough left to make a second hat though.

Loops & Threads (I think), "Woolike", 2x100gr = 200gr, $15.80.  Again, bought for an order.  I was disappointed I couldn't get my stash yarns to work, but this is a really nice sock weight yarn that's not wool at all.  And about 140gr is already gone.

Impeccable (and "Brights"), 228gr (total), $11.28.  Also for an order, and about half gone.  Unfortunately, I bought this yarn, and the Woolike, while at Michaels' with my girls, and they picked up something that was higher value and got the 40% off coupon.  Should have made them check out separately LOL.

Cream thick 'n' thin scarf, 219gr, $1.   Bought this for an order, searched everywhere for a thick and thin cream yarn that wouldn't cost more than I was making from the order LOL.  Found perfect scarf at Salvation Army!

Cascade 220, 5 skeins, 500gr, $5.64 Value Village
Nashua "Snowbird", 350gr, $4.51 Value Village

I hesitate to include these two since I'm selling them, but it's "yarn in" until it's "yarn out" LOL.

Parisiana, a blue and black thick n thin, vintage yarn, with Eatons' price tags still on ($1.49).  Total 206gr, $7
Blue Shetland Chunky, 59gr $1
Cascade 220 Superwash, 100gr, $3.38.  There were other balls there (Value Village) but I didn't like the peach colour.  Love this green though!

 Bernat Big Value in a baby mint, 117gr and Bernat Softee Chunky, 100gr in a beige, bagged together, but I needed only the Softee Chunky for an order.  I'm donating the other ball to a woman that does charity blankets.  $4.51

Turquoise "Mystique Mohair Boucle, Handpainted by Jan Gilray", from New Zealand, 300gr total, $3.38.  I don't know what I'll do with it, but I love the tropical colours.  Oh, I think the photo is on my phone.

Yarn In:  2429gr + 10 078gr = 12 507gr
Yarn Out:  9028gr
Balance:  3479gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $57.50 + $291.79 = $349.29/289 days = $1.21/day

 Can't wait to add up the "yarn out" pile!

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