Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Yarn OUT!

I posted some yarn for sale on (Canada's version of Craig's List) back in early summer, and got a few replies, but no one followed up.  Last week, someone did, and we arranged a pick up time.  Cleared out some yarn, the "easy" way, LOL.

Green/yellow Fiorito, 400gr; Bernat Country Wool, 700gr; and Naturally "Cafe", 250gr.  Still have lots #3 and 4 available.  Nice way to clear out 1350gr!  It was all leftovers from projects!

Last week, I posted three more ads after totally re-arranging my yarn bins.  Despite taking a huge pile of yarn out of the bins, I can't quite fit all what was left back in...but the bins aren't quite full either...In an hour, a woman is stopping by to buy some bags of Classic Wool that I've had for awhile (2009 was the last time I went to the Spinrite Tent Sale, but I don't know what year I got this).  Twenty balls, two colours, 2000gr.  I'm a little sad to see it go, but I'm pretty certain I don't want another handwash sweater, and the yarn is more valuable as bagged lots than odd balls.

I do, however, have that huge pile from Value Village I need to tally up still....I wonder if this yarn in is going to equal this yarn sure would be nice to get ahead on the yarn out for a change!! 

Yarn In:  10 078gr
Yarn Out:  5678gr + 3350gr = 9028gr
Balance:  1050gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $291.79/283 days = $1.03 per day

That's looking pretty good!  I've got a monkey set, a snowman set, a bunch of tiny hats, a "Gru" scarf and an "Edith" hat to add up to get the Yarn Out up...but also all that Value Village yarn to bring the Yarn In up as well....

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