Friday, November 08, 2013


One of the hats Jennifer asked me to make was a Frosty Snowman hat.  She was very picky about her Frosties--her words.  Too many ugly snowman hats out there, she warned.  I asked her to show me pictures of snowmen she DID like, and she replied "Just that one picture I sent you!".  So, I asked for pictures of what she didn't like.  That can help a lot too.  Sometimes people aren't sure how to express what they like about something, but they can usually tell you really quickly what they don't like!

Frosty got off to a rough start.  Tried with a smooth yarn, then looked at the picture and realized it was textured, and I checked--yes, she wanted "snowman texture".  Tried a couple attempts with a lumpy, fuzzy white yarn...then I looked at it outside, compared to a "real" white....well, Frosty looked a little jaundiced.  I wasn't having much luck finding snowman yarn at my regular yarn buying haunts.  Finally, I found some at FabricLand, which is not the cheapest place to buy yarn.  Unfortunately, the yarn and the buttons ate up my profits.  But it's worth it.  Hopefully I have enough left to make a second one.

The picture she showed me had Frosty wearing ear muffs, and the baby wearing a scarf, in purples.  Jennifer hates purple, so opted for greys.  She was so specific, that the headband had to be solid grey, and the muffs a grey/black/white blend.  I certainly didn't want to buy more yarn just for those little muffs, but years ago, I had made a sweater in a grey/black/white yarn and knew I had a little bit left.

I thought I had a tiny ball, but I found this instead--my very first granny square!  I'm not sure "square" is the right word for this item, but that's what it was supposed to be!  It was enough for the two muffs.  For the scarf, I used Patons Divine in charcoal.  A  little different than the original picture, but a lovely yarn.  However, the baby was giving Jennifer a rough time, and she forgot to use the scarf :(  The season's not over yet though!

Take a look on her Pinterest page!

 I also have a Pinterest page if you want to check it out...I don't spend nearly enough time with it though!

I did have to get Frosty back and lengthen him a little, but that's what you get when you custom order from me.  If you're not happy and it doesn't perform/look like you ordered, I will do everything I can to improve it!!

Yarn In:  12 957gr
Yarn Out:  57gr + 14 138gr = 14 195gr
Balance:  1238gr more used UP than brought in
Cost:  $258.29/313 days = $0.83/day

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