Tuesday, November 05, 2013

More Yarn Out!

I wrote before that I had some yarn for sale on Kijiji.ca and some of it had sold.  Some of it was not trendy/big name/interesting and was sort of languishing in a pile here.  There's a mom on our "School Community Council" (the Ontario equivalent of PTA) who also crochets, things like sleep mats out of milk bags (here in Ontario, our milk comes in plastic pouches, inside a larger bag, and the larger, outer bag is sliced up and crocheted into sleep mats for developing countries), and blankets for at the cancer centre.  She also has an elderly aunt who knits preemie items and likes the thin baby yarns.

 Got rid of quite a bit of odd balls, some baby yarn (I loved making baby items out of the fine yarn, but I'm a little over pale pink and I just don't have the time), some of those giant jumbo skeins from the Spinrite outlet sale.  I don't have actual weights on the jumbo skeins, but I did have one bag of yarn that had been balled up from one, and it was 852gr. 

I don't know if all the skeins are the same weight, but I'll go with 800gr each for the other two.
All total, 3564grams walked out of my house this morning!  WooHoo!  And after she left, I realized I hadn't brought up one other lot she was interested in!  I'm sure some of it I might miss at some point (the Bernat Baby Sport is a great baby yarn, works well on my machines and I have a few patterns I wanted to try), but really...after awhile, if I hadn't gotten to it already....

Yarn In:  12 957gr
Yarn Out:  3564gr + 10 574gr = 14 138gr
Balance:  1181gr more taken OUT than in!!
Costs:  $258.29/310 days = $0.83/day

I think, towards the end of the year, I will go back and add up how much yarn I actually made into something, and how much of that actually left the house.  Sure, it looks impressive that 14kg of yarn left my house so far this year, but I did not knit/crochet all of that LOL!!

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