Friday, January 10, 2014

Santa Turban?

The lady that ordered the pink and brown dress and hat set, also wanted a red and white Santa hat that could also double as a winter hat.  I had just seen a picture of a little red turban style hat, done in a fine mohair, with a white picot trim.  I knew the mohair wouldn't work as a winter hat, so I went with a thicker red, and found some red Lionbrand Homespun in my stash.

I don't have good pictures of it on it's own; red is hard to photograph and I was in a rush.
 For something so simple, I actually had to start and restart a few times.  The first time I had it going the wrong way and I just couldn't wrap my brain around it.  Then it was too large one time, then too long...basically, cast on for the length you need to go from one earlobe up and over to the other.  Or, cast on half this number of stitches, and double them over the first couple rows.  Knit almost the length you need, then decrease down over a few rows, draw the yarn through the live stitches to cinch up, same with cast on (except it's not live stitches unless you start with an open cast on).  Then I used a fuzzy white to do the picot edge.  I would have liked to use a finer white, but ran out of time.
Here's the precious one wearing it.  Apparently, she was rather fidgety and kept moving the hat around so it ended up sideways.  Cute from the front, but I'm not sure that it would keep her ears warm.  This would be a nice cancer hat, or done in a terry yarn, it could even be a hair towel hat!  It's a very classic style/shape that you don't see very often anymore, but creates a great impact with minimal work.  I would like to do more, perhaps in a soft, fine mohair, and maybe on the knitting machine.  It's pretty much a rectangle after all :)

Yarn In:  16 153gr
Yarn Out:  50gr + 16 297gr = 16 347gr
Balance:  194gr more sent OUT than IN
Costs:  $378.91/365 days = $1.04/day
I just discovered I have one itty bitty Santa hat to show, as well as the purple Epic hat.  I also made another pair of felted mitts for myself, but I'm not sure when I finished them...were they last year or this year? 

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