Friday, February 14, 2014

Here's My Heart!

I had wanted to find a little heart pattern for a while, I was hoping some photographers might be interested in them.  But Feb 14 sort of snuck up on me.  A week ago, I did search Ravelry, and found a free crochet pattern I wanted to try, but yesterday, another search didn't show it, and I don't remember which device I was using/where I stored the pattern.  So I tried another one.  Wasn't overly thrilled with it, and tried another one.  Used Red Heart Super Saver and a 5.5mm hook.  It was a little larger and looser than I wanted (but not bad, just seemed not dense enough).  Went down to a 4.5mm hook, I think.  Liked it much better.  I've seen the same pattern on a few sites, so I'll quickly just re-write what I did:

Chain 2. 
2 Single crochets in second chain from hook (or, the starting chain).  Ch1, turn.
2 sc in each of the 2 sts = 4sc.  Ch 1, turn
2sc in first sc, 1 sc in each of next two sts, 2 sc in last stitch.  Ch1, turn.
2sc in first and last stitch, 4 sc on the middle 4 sts  = 6sc.  Ch 1 turn
Sc across row, ch1, turn, repeat.
Slip st in first st, then 5 dc in next, slip stitch in next two, 5 dc in next, slip st in last.  Ch 1. 
Working around outside edge, single crochet in each row, doing 3 sc in the bottom point.  When you get back up to the first "hump", work 3sc in the top stitch, then sc to middle, then sl sts the middle two sts or so, sc up to the top of the second hump, 3 sc in that stitch, and sc back to where you started.
I got my KnitPicks Options needles on Wednesday.  I ordered from  So excited!  I also picked up these three balls of yarn :)  The pink/brown is quite fine.

Yarn In:  156gr + 198gr = 354gr
Yarn Out:   15gr + 275gr = 289gr
Balance: 65gr more brought IN than used up 

Costs:$15.28 +  $4.57=$19.85 /45 days = $0.44/day

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