Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lost My Heart!

I got started on these little hearts a bit too late, but they are cute all year long.
Red is REALLY hard to photograph.  I think that red one is the very first one I made, a different pattern than the others.  I also tried one that uses a magic loop to start, and I didn't like it much.  I did change this pattern slightly.  When doing the single crochets around the outside of the heart, at the tops of the humps, do 2sc in each of the two top most stitches, rather than three in one stitch.  Seems to lay smoother.  I think the very top right heart was made by Lucy.  She wanted to try this, but like whenever she tries anything new, she was really resistant to help and this was a smidge above her crocheting ability.  But once she calmed down and realized I do know a thing or two, she did a great job.

Yarn In: 1354gr
Yarn Out:  28gr + 762gr = 790gr

Balance:  564gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $53.75/77 days = $0.70/day

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