Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I really have nothing to show!  I have several almost finished projects.  I had an almost finished baby blanket I ripped out.  The Peep I was crocheting...just a puddle of yellow.  Quickly made a red Bill King "Waterfall Jacket" on the Singer 327, but it's huge and will get ripped out.  Ripped out a red tank I had made eons again on the Singer 327 but had never finished (it needed the side seams sewn and armhole trim--I had already done the shoulders and neckline!).  Ripped out a red stole from Sept 2014 that I was never happy with.  Working on a vintage baby sweater for my neighbour.  Searching still for a yarn for a custom sweater.  Trying to get my Pinterest active (go follow me, if you haven't!  Tracy Mainwaring and also TracyKM Designs).

I really need to update the yarn totals!  A little sad, since some of the yarn I bought, I won't be using for the intended projects, but can't return it now.  Oh well.  It's been a cheap year so far (though that matches my lower income too).  I hope I get everything listed here!

Michaels':  2 skeins Red Heart Super Saver, 195grx2=390gr;
                   1 skein Patons Lace Sequins, 70gr
The Wool Queen:  8 balls Sirdar "Click", 400gr
                    5 balls Sirdar "Escape", 250gr
Len's Mills:  1 ball James Brett Marble Chunky, 200gr
                    6 balls Bernat Denim Style, 600gr

I also got two items for taking apart for their yarn, but they're not yarn yet, so I'm not counting them.  Also got a big stack of old Knitter's Forum magazines.  This is the magazine the Canadian knitter's guild used to publish.  I'm actually in a picture in one!  I'll show it later :)

Yarn In: 1910gr +  1798gr = 3708gr
Yarn Out: 1068gr
Balance:  2640gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $189.22/120days = $1.58/day

Anyone want to buy 864yd of Sirdar "Click" in a creamy colour?!  While my numbers went way up, I'm still less in the yards in then last year (a bit higher in costs though).  And I'm down in yarn out, but this blanket I'm doing right now will bring that up significantly.

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