Monday, June 09, 2014

It's For Safety

I don't have a whole lot to post since I'm working on a stuffed "Toothless", the main dragon from "How to  Train Your Dragon".  I finished up the "Lilac Sunset" set for the neighbour, and will post that hopefully tomorrow (that's a "tomorrow" in Tracy language...could be Friday for all I know LOL).  But I want to keep up to date on yarn purchases.  I've done really well with not buying yarn; the last yarn I bought was May 2, I believe.  But I needed pipe cleaners for this dragon, and I didn't have cash so I didn't want to put $4 on I HAD to buy yarn.  Right?

Luckily, they had some good yarn marked down.  I picked up a few balls of Red Heart "Reflective" in grey and teal.  I liked this yarn because there is a plied strand of reflective thread.  Previously, Bernat had made a glow in the dark yarn that was neat, but like all glow in the dark items, it needs to be "charged up" and then lasts only about 30 minutes.  This Reflective yarn is like the material on coats and shoes.  When light hits it, it shines (reflects the light).  My husband often walks the dog after dark, so I was thinking of using it as a cuff on a hat.  The yarn, a 100gr, 88yd ball, was regularly $7.99!  I got it from the clearance bin at $3.99.  I see on Ravelry there was an orange colour.  That would have been great to get, but there was none at the store.  It looks like one ball will be JUST enough for an adult hat, but I think I'll use it just for a brim.  I like the dog coats made with it, but our dog is huge and I don't think he'd wear a dog coat.  Maybe I'll make him a bandana, or even just a little tie for around the leash.  I'd make a poop bag holder, but hubby refuses to take poop bags since the dog never poops while on walks.

I also got two balls of Patons Lace Sequin.  I love this yarn.  I got "amber" which is just a beige colour; I've used it before (the Zen Gnome hats).  I only got two because there was only two of one dye lot.  There were some other colours but mainly a turquoise, and I have quite a bit of turquoise yarn already.  I'm thinking I'll use this to make a drapey cardigan for myself.  Even though what I need is a black and a white cardigan LOL.

Wow, just looked at my receipt, and the Reflective yarn was actually $2.99.  Wish I had gotten more :(

Yarn In: 440gr + 4463gr = 4903gr
Yarn Out:  1751gr
Balance:  3152gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $19.15 + $264.92 = $284.07/160 days = $1.75/day

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