Sunday, July 06, 2014

Cleaning Time

I was looking in my "hibernation drawer" (that place projects go when they need finishing up, but for what ever reason, I just can't/won't do it at the time), and came across a grey pixie bonnet that already had the ends woven in and the top grafted, and it jut needed ties.  I also found a chunky cable cap.  I'm not sure why it was in there.  I don't even know if I've already shown it.  I don't care, I'll count it again, LOL.  I take my weights after an item is fully done, which means all the ends that get trimmed off don't get counted.  This hat makes up for that (if I have already counted it) LOL  (Edit:  I apparently did count this last year, but I'm not going to change this year's totals).
 Sorry the pictures aren't awesome.  Took them with my iPad so I could get them online quickly.  The black cap took 49gr, so a 50gr ball of Shetland Chunky would make up to the 12 month size.
Back last fall I was making a grey set for a photographer, when I realized near the end of making the pants that the two yarns I used were not quite the same dyelot.  And it showed.  I opted to dye some Patons Lace in grey and start again.  I had plans to take apart the hat (all that was left was the chin ties) and pants, and use the different dye lots in a more "artistic" way, LOL.  I can't find the pants now though!  I posted the hat in a photographer's group on Facebook and sold it pretty quickly.  I wish I had asked for more, but I just didn't want it hanging around like all the other items I haven't sold!  This little thing weighed in at 20gr.  A real big spender LOL.

Isn't that precious?  Photo courtesy of Johannah G Photography!

Yarn In: 5493gr
Yarn Out: 69gr + 1971gr = 2040gr
Balance:  3453 gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $307.72/187days = $1.65/day

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