Tuesday, July 15, 2014


It appeared that summer was going to finally appear by Canada Day, so I wanted a water bottle holder to show our Canadianism.  This one is done in acrylic Red Heart yarn because finding the bright red cotton is really hard for some reason.

This is just a quick iPad photo.  Red is hard  to photograph.  It was done with the bottom in a single crochet circle, then a few rounds of single crochet, then a few of half double crochet, then a few rounds of double crochet, then I did a DC, ch1 (skipping every other DC in the previous round), then the next round was DC in the ch1 space.  This makes for a very stretchy waterbottle holder, but not really lacey.
This time, I made the strap extra long, all DC (I think 4 wide), and I sewed a button on the top edge, opposite the strap.  This way, it can be shortened to whatever length, or worn cross-body with the  strap fully let out. 

No one wanted to take it to the Canada Day activities, so it sits waiting for a buyer in my box of doom...

Yarn In:  5493gr
Yarn Out: 51gr + 2348gr = 2489gr
Balance: 3142gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $307.72/196days = $1.57/day

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