Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Timeless Tuesday, Prehistoric Edition

I haven't done a Timeless Tuesday post in a long time.  These were posts showing items I'd made before having a blog.  So many of those items don't have pictures, or else the pictures are print and need to be scanned.
 I dug this guy out though.  My son was a dinosaur nut when he was young, and I found the pattern in Family Circle's Easy Knitting. 
It's not hard, but the instructions were awful. It's as though they were doing the layout, and they got to the end of the page before the end of the instructions, so they just wrote "Sew together and embroider facial features."  I didn't have much stash at the time, so I actually went out and bought the red Red Heart yarn.  I'm not sure why we chose red.  The beige was a very light yarn I think I inherited from my grandma, probably a sock yarn.  The purple spots were Koigu. 

Yes.  I had made socks, weren't happy, made a new pair...and had bits left over from having cut the yarn numerous times for the first pair.  I should have doubled the beige and the Koigu, but didn't really clue in.  It took a lot of stuffing, I remember that.  And, of course, after all that hard work...it was mostly left in a corner, neglected.  Sigh.

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