Sunday, September 07, 2014

Yardage Pt 3

After going to Michaels and getting the second ball of LionBrand WoolEase Thick n Quick in the same dyelot, I got started on the bear hoodie.  And finished it with plenty of the first ball leftover!!
I had sent a picture of the ball to the client before I started.  She thought it was lighter than the picture she sent.  The picture was the actual designer's picture, so I messaged her through Ravelry.  She replied that she had used Linen for it--and I had bought Fisherman.  I didn't recall another beige shade there.  When I went for the second ball, I asked, and indeed, they haven't had Linen for awhile.  I told the client this and went ahead with the hoodie.  Finished it and sent her some pictures with different button options.  She sent pictures of other items with very large brown buttons...the type of buttons that cost $6+ at specialty stores.  I went button shopping at the regular fabric store and picked a few more options.  Then she sends me another picture of someone else's bear hoodie done in the darker Linen, and says that person lives to the east of me and got the yarn at Michaels---but bought out all the skeins in that shade.  So, I answer that I can check at a different Michaels' next's really a drag to go to that other store, but I want her happy and I can probably easily sell this hoodie in Fisherman. 

While I have your attention...I'm in another Facebook auction.  This one is good because the money actually comes to me :)  Go take a look at some great items!

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