Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Yarn In, Again...

I had to take my daughter and her friends to Value Village for Halloween costume shopping.  They're of an age where they can do this sort of thing some-what independently, so I headed to FabricLand at the other end of this oddly planned strip mall.
I was looking for reflective thread to carry along with yarn.  They had wide 3M fabric backed ribbon, so I got a metre ($10.50/m!!) and I'm going to try slicing it down with my rotary cutter.  I don't actually have to carry it with the yarn while knitting, but I can duplicate stitch or just thread it through.  I could duplicate stitch a person's initials!  Or "Look!" or "Stop!" etc!  The cutting lady told me they had the Red Heart Reflective yarn though.  They changed the store around and I thought they weren't carrying yarn anymore.  It was on the wall I rarely go to.  They had the safety orange, but it's $7.99!  I paid $1.99/ball for the clearout stuff at Michaels but they had no orange.  I got ONE ball, LOL.

Today, I've been Googling, trying to see if there is a source for carry along reflective thread.  I have a couple leads, and I hope something works out!

Yarn In: 100gr + 7320gr = 7420gr
Yarn Out:    3135gr
Balance: 4285gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $385.45/275 days = $1.40/day

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