Monday, October 06, 2014

Yarn In Update

Hopefully, a quick post to get the Yarn In totals updated!  I finally have finished items to show, though the photos need editing and watermarking.  It goes in spurts--nothing for awhile, and then all of a sudden, deluge!  Anyway.

Picked up a bunch of yarn at Michaels' for those animal hoodies.  Didn't even get anything for myself!  Total, $40.62; 910gr (ouch!  But they all have projects lined up!).  A stop at a LYS to pick up more of the Snuggly DK in a dyelot that really didn't match what I had, plus a ball of Kertzer Coolspun Cotton in bright red (no one carries the true red of Handicrafter!), and a ball of Schachenmayr "Boston Mix" in a cool camo/safety orange mix.  This will be a hat for my dad!  I just looked on Ravelry and this yarn doesn't appear.  There is a "Boston" but the composition is slightly different.  Total, $30.12, 250gr.

Yarn In: 910gr + 250gr + 6160gr= 7320gr
Yarn Out:   3055gr
Balance:  4265gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $40.62 + $ 30.12 +$314.71 = $385.45/273 days = $1.41/day

I do have a couple projects to show off, one used 533gr!  (The Snuggly DK sweater).

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