Thursday, November 06, 2014

How Did I Forget?!

I can't believe I never posted this set!  And that it's a year old!  What happened?!  Such a gorgeous picture too!  
I made this last fall for Jenna, along with a bunch of hats.  I thought it looked sweet just laying in my garden, LOL, but the real test is on a baby.

Isn't this so sweet?!
 Baby feet!
I wish I had a continuous supply of newborns to model my stuff, LOL.  I'm going to count this set in this year's totals.  I totally could have made it this year.  Oh, it's coming back to me now.  I dyed the yarn.  Actually, I think I started with other grey, thicker mohair, and got half done the pants and realized that I had two different dyelots.  Wonder where the hat went.  Oh, there it is!  Gee whiz.  I must be totally losing my marbles.   There was issues with dying the yarn too...don't remember.  Either it wasn't a big problem, or it was so big I blacked it out LOL.  I'm somewhat guessing on the weights, based on other similar items.

Yarn In:   9074gr
Yarn Out:  50gr +  4125gr = 4175gr
Balance:  4899gr MORE brought IN then out
Costs: 457.63 /304 days = $1.51/day 

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