Monday, December 15, 2014


I've been busy with holiday stuff (concerts, shopping, being sick, etc), and I've been working on three Pocket Bunnies for a couple weeks now.  I now need to make a pocket Dalmatian.  I have no white yarn suitable.  How is that possible?  I have Patons Lace in white--with sequins...but Dalmatians have sleek coats.  I have bright white in worsted weight, but I can't find any in DK, which is what the pattern calls for.  I have some white sock yarn, but probably not enough.  And I'm not keen on the pattern.  The boy wants his dog to be standing, but the mom doesn't want it to have the pipe cleaners. She wants it to be cuddly, but Dalmatians aren't really cuddly dogs to me.

And, I was trying to get THREE Toothless stuffies made.  I've got one body and two front legs.

And...I got sidetracked by a cupholder mitten.  I offered this as a prize on my 300 Likes contest on Facebook, but the winner took the other option, a Pocket Buddy (she chose a unicorn).  Then, last night, a local crochet business posted her version, done in crochet.  Well, crochet is quicker than knitting, and it looked sturdier.  Surely it wouldn't take too long to make up?  A trip to Ravelry and a stroll through my stash...I've got it about half done, and I decided to do the cuff in knitting, for a better fit.  And, this cup holder doesn't have a bottom.  I couldn't get to sleep last night because I was thinking of a way to make this on the knitting machine.  And then, I thought...what about sewing one?!  I can't figure a way to sew on the bottom without topstitching.  And really, I should make three mittens to make a set--two matches and one cupholder.  Now that I've got the construction figured out, I think I can do it on the machine (or even just a quicker crochet stitch).  The bulky yarn in crochet seems a little too bulky too.  But if I could sew these out of felted sweaters?  A google and Pinterest search revealed no patterns---or anyone else doing it!

And...I need to sew up the cat Lucy knit.

Oh, and then there's the issue of the three matching bears I need to knit for the new babies in the family.

And, orders are coming in for January!  Eeek!  Off to work I go!!

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