Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Roar vs Meow

During the big flurry of inquiries for the animal hooded cowls, I had a woman ask for two of the wolf hoodies--she sent me the pattern photo of the crochet version.  Despite having recently realized that some of these non-crafty clients DID have a preference of crochet over knitting, I never actually asked her what her preference was.  It was actually hard to see in the photo that it was crochet, and I only figured it out by comparing the photo with the designer's photos.  Well, I knit it.  And, it wasn't just one...it was two sets.  Sets, as in, with matching mittens.  When I posted a sneak peak,  she expressed her concerns.  She said it wasn't "bulky".  I said that I had indeed used a bulky yarn, and matched the gauge of the pattern, and bulky is the only way to describe it.  What she meant, was she wanted the textured look of the crocheted stitches, and she was going to decline the items.  Bummer.

I posted this sad news on my personal FB page, along with the photos and a some-what sarcastic comment asking if anyone is looking for a wolf hoodie.  Well, someone did come through and said she'd take both sets!  Yay!  Slightly less than what the original order was for, but that's okay.

 The new owner was going to tell her daughter it was a grey tabby cat.
 For the mittens, I tried something new.  I sewed a button on one side (hid the jagged colour changes LOL).  When the mittens are off, the button can be pushed between stitches on the other mitten, to keep them together.  On the other mitten, I put one of my new tags.  When I started the design process with the original client, I expressed the difficulty of making matching mittens.  The yarn for the hoodie is very thick, and would not be suitable for mittens for little hands.  It's also not very woolly.  I solved some of this by using a yarn double stranded for the hoodie, and single stranded for the mittens.
 The hoods got  full size tags.
I did do the white around the face in crochet, and I think the overall hoodie is quite nice--if you weren't expecting the textured look of crochet, LOL!

Yarn In:    10 076gr
Yarn Out: 440gr + 6908gr = 7348gr
Balance: 2728gr  MORE brought IN then out
Costs:   $511.49/348 days = $1.47/day

Wait a minute...it's Dec 30...how can I be at day 348?!  Let's change that!  $511.49/364 = $1.40.  Much better!

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