Thursday, May 25, 2017


There's so many different things I want to sew. I've been very productive lately, but I'm also my own worse enemy for having things go smoothly. The True Tracy Way. Multiple trips to the fabric store, children that want their own, misinformation in the pattern and poor communication with the designer...

I had come across this soft bralette and knew I wanted to make one. It says it's drafted for C cup but I'm bigger. I figured I'd make the first one as written just to test it and it would probably fit Lucy. I wasn't worried about support, for myself, but I did want the cups to fit.

I downloaded it and printed. I cut it. It looked small but I went ahead. I carefully read the pattern and watched the video. However, on the downloaded pattern from Craftsy, on page 2, the last paragraph next to the screen shot explaining about printing, it says "Also note that you will need to cut two straps at 4 inches by 22 inches, for which no pattern piece is supplied--it's just a rectangle! You can draw the straps on the reverse of the fabric".

There is NO mention in the video, or the instructions of these fabric straps. I wrote to Mayra and asked about it. She said I must have gotten a bootleg copy of the pattern or something and she sent me the Craftsy link. Which was exactly what i had downloaded and this line was in the link she sent me. I responded back with this and a screenshot, and she responded this time about using the lingerie elastic straps (I had also mentioned I could find the elastic straps and mine were just ribbon straps). I gave up. So ignore the instruction to cut two 4"x22" straps.

After sewing it up, it was obvious something was wrong size. Long story short, I had the "scale to fit  page" set. It did fit Lucy though. In the emails with Mayra I had mentioned something about if the chest was  X" and it's made for a C cup, then the band would be (X-3")-negative ease" so I would need to adjust that....and she responded back saying the pattern was for chest size not cup sizes. Ugh. Yes, you measure your full chest. But I'm larger than a C cup so my band will need to be smaller than the corresponding band for the chest size. In actuality, this is totally the wrong approach to take, due to the shaping and design. Even making the right chest size would result in cups too small. I really need to redraft the entire pattern. So I did. doesn't fit on all the widths of my stretch lace! I had already gone back after getting the first bit of lace to get more for the girls who now wanted some. There wasn't much selection for the pre-made straps and like I mentioned, these turned out to be slippery satin instead of plush elastic and Lucy says they don't stay tightened.  It's not really colours Lucy is into but for summer or sleep, I'm sure it'll get some wear.

I was frustrated with my emails with Mayra. There was also a mention about notches but nothing on the pattern pieces. I'm assuming much of my frustration was just perhaps a language issue and also trying to include too much in one email. I really wanted to like this pattern. It's free, there's a video, it seemed to be well written. And it is a good pattern, though there are some annoying bits.

I finally made one for Megan. She's a little broad but maybe a scant A cup. So I knew the cups would be too big and tried to reduce them (a smidge) simply. She held it up--over her shirt--and declared it fine, so I continued. However, when I went to add the cups to the band, lining up the middle, the band had this weird bit at the sides of the cups. So I just folded it over the elastic.

I ended up taking the back in twice and the cups are too big but she says that's fine. She also wanted a halter strap instead of bra straps. So we trimmed the lace down along it's pattern and I sewed it to the top of the cups. Had to adjust the length a couple times. I thought I had a picture but I can't find it right now.

I realized while making these that they're basically a bathing suit top. I did have to adjust my bathing suit pattern, but maybe I should just start with that for myself. And then I found this Simplicity pattern ! Geee. A halter lace soft bra. I don't like the band seam at the front but I assume that can be changed. And Megan is really into the racerback style (like I said, she's a little broad). I think I might have to indulge and get that pattern!

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