Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sewing for Sons

I don't think I had ever sewn anything for my son. He was a picky child and my skills weren't all that great. Wait. I did sew him pajamas, making every mistake possible like not noticing it was one way fabric and that the legs needed to be reversed. Other than that, I don't think I did anything more for him.

One day, this past May, he came to me and said I had to do laundry because he's out of clean shirts. What?! His drawer is full. Apparently none of those fit. I decided rather than do laundry, I would sew him a shirt. Why not? I had this awesome blue striped fabric! Perfect.

I picked Melly Sews' Man's T-Shirt. It was free, though I see a $2 button there. Maybe it's free only if you get her newsletter. Which has been quite interesting, so I don't mind. There's not a lot of free men's patterns out there.

It went together fine, though I could not get the neckband to look nice using her directions, so I gave up and did it the way I'd been doing the other t-shirts (as a band instead of binding).  I did twin needle hemming though some of it came undone and I had to fix it up. I did have a problem with the hem. Even though the stripes lined up at the sides, the stripes spiralled, so the hem...I couldn't just follow a line of blue. He hasn't complained.

He seems to love it. It's lightweight, casual, and reverse of another shirt he has.
He didn't want to appear on my blog LOL.

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