Thursday, August 17, 2017

Back to Beige

I didn't really need beige pants. I have two pairs that are very similar (to each other) but they don't have pockets and they're heavier. So when I saw this fabric on sale I figured it'd give me another chance to fine tune my pants pattern and give me another shade of beige. I think there's 50 shades, right?

This time, I traced the old pants onto my paper to create a real pattern. I also narrowed the legs a fair bit. Even my mother, who doesn't read this and I don't see all that often, noticed they were slimmer. I wonder if the ankle is too slim though. I don't know how they'll look with my clunky shoes since I haven't worn them all summer (and my poor toes feel so much better!).

The FIRST time I wore these pants, I got bacon grease on them. Didn't notice until I was out for the day.

Argh. I did get them cleaned up. I just never got around to a real photo shoot. Last night I grabbed my husband and headed outside. It was a bit later than I had intended and he's not my favourite photographer in the family. He constantly looks for the "Make boobs bigger and tummy smaller" setting.

 I think my boobs grew two sizes during the photo shoot.
 The droopy bum seems much better, though one day I tucked a shirt in and everyone said STOP!
 This is NOT how I usually stand, honey.
 I wanted to show the waist band and the pockets. Hubby wanted to show the dog.
 Model vacant stare into the distance. I found a really close match in a knit fabric for the waistband. I didn't want something printed for these, or dark. It's a thicker knit so it doesn't wrinkle up like the band on my brown pants, so I think that makes them slimmer looking--as long as I don't tuck my shirt in.

I have no idea. THere were also several others not fit for this blog.

I did do something different on these pants that I should get pictures of. On the first two, I had measured the SA of the original pants. It was 1/2". So I serged them at 1/2" but when I went to top stitch, I no longer had 1/2" and one line of stitching was on the SA and one line on just the single layer, so they didn't quite match. This time, I seamed them on the regular machine at 1/2" and then serged the SA together. This meant a LOT of back and forth between my machines, but the end result was WAY better. Top stitching thread will be the next improvement.

However, I might be done with these pants. Three pairs in basic neutrals. Oh, wait, I still need my grey pair! When I was laying them on the paper, I couldn't figure out exactly how the grainline should be. And I recently did a pair of Kwik-Sew shorts that fit very well, so I might try a "real" pattern next.

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