Wednesday, August 16, 2017

It's White, Alright!

I wanted a white shirt. White-white, not soft white. I couldn't decide  if I needed a t shirt or a woven shirt, but since I was on a t-shirt roll, and that seemed to be the only white fabric in the entire store that was white-white AND affordable AND attractive/suitable, a t-shirt is what I got.

I went ahead with another New Look 6807. I didn't want too much fullness though, however, I think it's a smidge snug given that it's a heavier weight cotton (5% lycra). It was $22Cdn/meter, which is crazy if you just want one meter to make a t-shirt. It was on sale though, get two free meters, so it works out to $7.33/m. Plus tax. Which still seems crazy for making a t-shirt. Especially a plain white t-shirt. But at least I know the conditions it was made in, and it's a OOAK, and I value the time spent to make it.

Especially when I manage to get mashed black beans on it, on it's first trip out of the house, before I even got photos taken.

 To try to eliminate neck gaping, I really stretched the band this time, which meant I had more gathers which didn't get placed all that equally. However, I'm still quite pleased.
 I was hemming the bottom and my bobbin ran out with this much left!  I still haven't fixed that. I did a blind stitch hem on the bottom and sleeves and quite like it. I've been using it a lot lately, rather than zig zag or twin needle.
 This picture is actually to show the shorts. So ignore me from the waist down. I did a wider neckband again this time, and I think I sewed it properly so when I got to the tie portion, I didn't have fudge it.
I don't like how it's a little snug around my middle and shows the lumps of the shorts. I just need to keep moving so I'm a white blur :) I still haven't tried it on with the pink floral pants, which was my main reason for making it. Those pants annoy me.  They need more altering, but I think I'm going to make them into shorts. Stay tuned.

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