Monday, August 21, 2017


Lucy wanted a romper. I did not want to invest much time or money in this as I saw it as a trend item that won't last long once the reality of wearing a romper sets in. But I agreed to make one, as long as it was made so that the top and shorts could be separated again.

We started with the Burda 6797 shorts pattern from the last post. These shorts went together much quicker, though there was some fiddling with the lace trim where it meets the side seams.

We had gone back and forth between matching bias binding, plain black bias binding, or lace. She went with lace for at least the legs, and if I had enough, I'd do some on the top. I didn't have enough.

For the top, I started with a woven shell pattern that I haven't used. Then I followed a tutorial on making your own wrap top, and drew a new pattern based on how high she wanted it to meet at her side. For the back, it was going to go straight across with elastic at the top. I think it would have also looked cute if the back was shirred.  I messed up the first back somehow, making it way too small. No clue how I did that.

I used black bias binding on the edges/straps. I serged the body of the top, wanting to serge the two front layers together so I wouldn't have to baste them, and continue around the back. I wasn't going to hem the top, but at least way this would make it pretty quick if she wanted to take it apart again. I took it off the machine and found out that I serged the inside front panel to the back, effectively making a purse!!

Romper Purse, the hot new trend
Then I went to sew the body to the inside of the elastic waistband of the shorts. Some of it needed to be gathered to the waistband and I was really lucky that the back just fit. I realized when I went to sew it that I should have checked the back width to make sure it would be wide enough to sew to the waistband!

Second time worked, and we realized that the overlap was almost like a large pocket, since it was seamed at the bottom and both sides LOL.

 Lucy doesn't have much practice modelling for me LOL.

 Lucy got poked in the eye by a branch...

 Lucy doesn't realize she has to sometimes stay still. Lovely shot, too bad about the blurriness!
 Then we tried out in the yard.
 Not sure what was so funny...
 Or what she was doing here. I think I suggested she pretend to be throwing a ball, for some action
 "Where did the ball go?"
 Getting tired
 This one came out cute.
 I stitched it together where it crosses over since it seemed to be opening up a bit much. I wasn't thrilled with how the bias binding didn't lay very flat. I told her I can add some elastic underneath it, or switch it out for some fold over black elastic, which would snug it in nicely. Next time I'd just do that from the start.

Not dress code friendly (another reason I wasn't gung ho on this design).

She already asked for it to be taken apart, and is wearing the shorts a lot. I haven't seen the top again. 

The funny thing, we remembered after we bought the fabric that when she was really little, Lucy wanted to be called Daisy!

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