Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Humble Dishcloth

Despite being an avid advocate of knitting in public (KIP), I had never been to an official "World Knit in Public Day". It's always on the weekend, and back when we lived in Orangeville, the kids were young and it felt selfish to take a day to go do that by myself. Once we moved here, I didn't join any knitting groups so I didn't feel I could just show up at the local store (that I had never bought from) to join their party. However, this year, about two days before the event, I found out there was going to be a group in Celebration Square, outside our public library. That felt less intimidating, so I inquired. And then I thought...I could take the LK150! It hasn't been used in awhile, it might like getting some fresh air. Really, it's been packed away in it's storage box!

The organizer was fine with the idea so I got set up to go! Dishcloths would be perfect! I needed some, and I could make however many I could, doing waste yarn between them, and finish them at home while watching TV. I had my husband drive me over to help carry everything since there's no parking next to the square. There was already a couple ladies there so I set up near them.

My machine did not want to be on show. It was not co-operating very well. It kept jamming, the roller ends kept popping off. I kept loosening the tension (I really should write it down on the pattern), adding weight, changing weight. Finally I shifted it all over a few needles and that seemed to help. I have never changed the sponge bar as I've never minded the loose feel to the needles. However, it might be time.

I did have a few spots where I got off track, but they're dishcloths. Doesn't matter. I only got three made. It was a three hour event. Some of that time was spent setting up, chatting with others. So if I were at home, maybe I would have gotten four done. Then again, I'd also be letting the dog in and out, answering the phone, checking emails...
The white one weighs in at 24gr, but all three weighed in at 67gr. I think the white one I weighed was the last one I made and the other ones were a bit smaller as I played with getting the right tension. Since this pattern also needs waste yarn, and there's usually some of the tail left after grafting that's not usable again, I'll call it 75gr.

Pattern is basically THIS ONE.

Yarn In: 2242gr
Yarn Out:  2495gr + 75gr = 2570gr
Balance: 328gr more USED than bought
Costs:   $57.30/236 days = $0.24 per day 

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