Friday, September 08, 2017

Skater Girl

My youngest, Megan, is one of those kids that wants to do everything. Horseback riding, cadets, skating, swimming, rock climbing, pottery, archery... she really wanted to  learn to skateboard at one point...Figure skating is her main thing, but she won't let me sew for her (she's coming around, after seeing the prices of skating dresses). So she asked for a "simple" dress, similar to a RTW one she has, for just "hanging out" in over the summer. Even though she doesn't "hang out" in the one she has.

I used her t-shirt pattern for the top, and traced the skirt of her RTW dress for the skirt. I thought I added length, but apparently not. She wanted a strappy back, like the RTW one, but I'm not there yet. But still wanting to do some learning, I went with a deep scoop on the back, and the "cold shoulder" look.

When it came time to band the neck, the scoop didn't seem right. So I turned it into a V back. I played with some ideas of how to do the band like I normally do without having to do a real v neck because I hadn't done that yet. Gave up, followed a tutorial for a real v neck, and it wasn't hard at all although I didn't get it quite lined up.

For the sleeves, I used THIS tutorial. I didn't add any width, and I couldn't use the notches to line up the cut because the sleeve is cut flat, not on the fold. I was worried that there wouldn't be enough of a gap, but it seems perfect. I folded the opening in, instead of banding it. I had to do some flubbing where the sleeve joins, but it's not really noticeable.

We went for a family week at a cottage, and wouldn't you know it....her cousin also had a cold shoulder skater girl dress!!  That's almost as good of a compliment as when a stranger says they like your item and they don't know you made it :)
 Nothing better than getting validated by your stylish 11 year old niece LOL!

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