Thursday, November 02, 2017

Blue Dress

I don't think I have any long sleeve dresses. Even a short sleeve seems to be in short supply in my closet. I don't always want to wear a cardi; sometimes I just want sleeves. When I've tried to layer sleeveless over a long sleeve shirt (or any shirt), it looks to me like I've layered a shirt underneath. Or I must be Mormon or Conservative Christian.

Simplicity 3835 has two dress versions with sleeves. But I wasn't sure about that wide neckband, especially if the fabric wasn't 100% super drapey. Bright pink choir robe, anyone?  There's no reason to not just finish the neck like the shirt--it uses the same pieces as the dress with the neckband. Which means the dress's neckband makes the neckline a bit higher. The sketch on the envelop shows all three views as having the same neck height, but that's just not the case in real life (click the label Simplicity 3835 on the right to see the other versions). I do not like high necklines. I need the contrast of skin and fabric to break up the mountain view.

 I have had this blue crinkle forever. I don't know where I got it, so it must have been when the kids were little LOL. There is a LOT, though it's not particularly wide. I wanted to flare the dress out more than the pattern, but was a bit limited on the front.

I got all the pieces cut (grrr...shifty gauze) and got to work. And then found out I'm missing the second instruction page. The one with the instructions on the sleeve ties. Of course, because I've never done that before. I looked and looked at it. I inspected pictures on and blogs but I couldn't quite figure out the actual steps. I was just going to sew it right sides together, but I knew that was wrong because it would leave the seam allowance showing on the inside. Slide it on and top stitch?! I expanded my Google search, and found a tutorial that clicked with me. Suddenly it all made sense.

The ties weren't the most symmetrical because of poor cutting, but they're good enough. 
I added a pocket but you can see how it's sloped LOL. Why is it so hard? The dress does have a habit of sliding back on my shoulders, making the front a little short. I didn't do a FBA, just cut the larger size from the armholes down. I probably should do the FBA one of these times. 
 I'm not sure if I shortened the bodice. I don't think I did for the tops, but looking at this rearview, I think I should have. The darts add nice shaping, but I  think they're a little low.
 Side view isn't too bad, but I'll bet getting the dart a bit higher would make my tush look rounder

The girls said this dress would be good for supply teacher--it's a long wait just to get an interview. But I needed a long necklace. I had none, so I went shopping at Ardene's. They actually didn't have too much, but I liked this one.
 I wore it on the cruise. I think this was the second formal night but I don't remember off hand. There's some issue with the date stamp on my camera so I had to get all the photos organized. I had my phone and two different cameras going! We drank none of that wine beside us. It was just where the area sommelier kept her wine bucket.
 The photo above was with flash, which shows me better, but this one was without flash and shows the dining room better. It also shows "Kevin" at the table behind me. He was a hoot.
It was pretty easy to set up the camera self timer in the cabin, though it wasn't the most scenic location LOL.

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Carol Urban said...

Your makeup and lipstick in the cruise dinner photo looks great on you! I've never been on a cruise.