Friday, February 02, 2018

2017 Knitting Totals

I'm so far behind in getting my yarn totals for 2017. I'm not sure if I even have all the data needed! Some of it might be estimated.  Edited to add a pair of socks I forgot about.

Two custom Christmas stockings: 200gr in, 150gr out, cost for the yarn, Aprox $10
Reyna Shawl: Araucania "Ranco Sock", 100gr (the amount left over was negligible)
Charcoal socks: 100gr
green Mittens: 84gr
Red scarves: 600gr
Water bottle holders (from February?!): 110gr
Campfire Cardigan: 615gr
Coral socks: 100gr

Wow, I kept forgetting things I hadn't blogged about yet!! I wonder if there's more?  I did just find out about a shawl I made in 2016 that I hadn't blogged about. I went back and edited 2016 totals, so now I'm editing these totals to reflect that.
So, all this added up to 200gr IN, $10, and 1859gr OUT. Let's add that to the last totals I had in 2017:

Yarn In: 2242gr + 200gr = 2442gr
Yarn Out:  3041gr + 1859gr = 4900gr
Balance: 2458gr more USED than bought
Costs:   $10 +$57.30= $67.30/365days = $0.18 per day  

Now, to be fair, my fabric purchases increased significantly last year. Though I am doing really well at buying and using  within a short period!

So, now I can do a comparison of the past six years:

                     2017                  2016                 2015                    2014                 2013              2012
Yarn In:      2442gr        11 223gr               9 989gr                 10 076            16 153           21 096
Yarn Out:    4900gr        11 260gr                9 272gr                  8 061            16 805           16 849
Balance:       2458-              37gr -              717gr +               2 015gr +        625gr -           4 247gr+
Costs:          $67.30          $507.27                 $430.10               $511.49         $378.91          $524.43

Six Year Totals:
Yarn In: 70, 979gr
Yarn Out: 67147gr
Balance:  3 832gr IN
Costs: $2 419.50

Six Year Averages:
Yarn In: 11, 829gr
Yarn Out:  11, 191gr
Balance: 639gr added each year
Cost per Day:$2419.50/ 2192 days = $1.10/day

A hobby (and small biz) that costs $1.10 per day? Seems like a bargain to me! I'm still pretty high on how much yarn has accumulated in the past 6 years, even though I see a decrease in my cubbies.  The average amount I'm adding each year was cut in half by this year's totals. I can't see myself using up 4000gr of yarn this year by just using the stash, but I'm certainly going to try! I see a lot of mittens and socks in my future!

Ummm...It almost looks like I gave up knitting this year!  Business was really slow, I did a lot more sewing, and I tried to shop from the stash. Then in October things got crazy busy.  I'm starting to find a balance now.  I haven't bought any yarn this year, though I have bought fabric. I discovered some Canadian fabric selling groups on Facebook! But I do work it up as soon as I can. I just haven't been able to blog much.

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