Tuesday, September 15, 2020

New Blankets for Charity

 I recently finished up two more blankets for charity!

This is from the cone of Bernat "Mosaic" that I showed previously. I really thought I'd have enough for a blanket, based on weight, but it ended up a bit small. The charity used to take a smaller size, so I don't know if they might still take it. It weighed in at 328gr. It's very rare for me to make a blanket by casting on the entire width. It's nice in this yarn because it keeps the colour sections even, as opposed to starting in the corner and the rows getting longer and longer.

I had a lot of chunky yarn left from projects--remember those hoods with the years that were so popular a few years ago? And the rectangular ponchos? And the mermaid tail blankets? It was time to clear out those yarns. Plus, my worsted weight collection is actually dismal, except for what I just bought.

I tried to keep this one to the more muted colours, no pink, yellow, red, bright green. It weighed in at 1016gr.
Lots of different weights and textures. I was using a 8mm hook. What I started doing was with the thicker yarns, making only 3 DC in each group, instead of 4.  It washed up lovely. I got started on another one, but in knit as the stash is dwindling! (Well...the yarns appropriate for blankets...the rest of the stash room is still full).

Yarn In:  5115gr
Yarn Out:    6971gr + 1344gr = 8315gr
Balance: 3200 gr more OUT than in!
Costs: $115.68/259 days = $0.45 per day

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