Thursday, November 19, 2020

I Had a Great Title...

 ...but I didn't write it down before I fell asleep LOL. 

The charity I make blankets for put out a call for some. They aren't collecting yet for their regular program, but they had been contacted by a place looking for blankets. I haven't stopped making them even though they weren't being collected, so I had FIVE I could run over.

From top down: Lionbrand Homespun, aprox 500gr; Red Heart neon stripes, aprox 580gr; chunky assorted yarns crocheted; green Bernat Mosaic (didn't get donated); chunky assorted yarns, knitted

This is the neon stripes I was working on but ran out of yarn.  Originally, I wanted to do something with short rows, to get some direction changes in the stripes. But I got bored, and worried it wouldn't work out to be the right size in the end. This is a boat load of stockinette stitch LOL. So, I ended up with this section at the bottom, then used the gauge and some math, to repeat the same thing at the other end. Then I washed it and steamed it like crazy.

Rob says it's going to make someone go blind LOL. I think it's delightful.

In the yarns I got from my Mom, who got them from a friend, was quite a bit of this Lionbrand Homespun. Rich jewel tones. It sort of glows, which is hard to see in the photo. 

Very crappy photo. My phone was misbehaving for awhile.

The other blankets were already blogged about. 
I don't have the exact weights for these blankets. I did weigh them, and wrote it down... if I ever find that piece of paper I'll update this post. 

Yarn In:   6477gr
Yarn Out:  1080gr + 8915gr = 9,995gr
Balance: 3518gr gr more OUT than in!
Costs:  $140.68/323 days = $0.44 per day

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