Saturday, September 22, 2018

Just a Little Tank Top

I wrote recently about sewing due to frugality. I have another example today. Years ago I picked up this cotton knit at Value Village. It sat for awhile, and then I tried making a dress. I didn't have quite enough knowledge yet to get it to look like what I wanted. I wanted a ruched section in the middle. I struggled and struggled and wasn't very happy with my end result.

Fast forward six years and Megan wanted a cold shoulder skater girl dress and this was the fabric she picked from my stash. I was a little disappointed to give it up to her, LOL. 
 I improved so much in those years! I hacked a tshirt pattern into a dress, figured out the cold shoulder sleeves with the help of an online tutorial, and did a V back.  The only thing missing was pockets!

Okay, the V back isn't perfect, but still looks pretty darn good.

I was amazed at how well the sleeves turned out. 
Even more amazing was that her cousin showed up wearing the exact dress in black---that was store bought. 

I still had some fabric left, but not really a large enough piece for anything. After making the other skirt, I decided to take apart the dress, and make a skirt. Once I took it apart, I didn't have enough to cut the pieces from the other pattern, so I cheated and pretty much just put in a waistband and pockets, onto the skirt part of the dress. I couldn't re-use the top pieces, so I had to get creative with what was left from the stash. 
Colour blocking lace to the rescue!

I didn't have enough for the front so the top of the straps got lace.

 The back yoke got lace! The lace was from a faux "Belly Band" I had made. I just wasn't reaching for them anymore. And yes, it needs a sway back adjustment. I didn't have enough left to cut a one piece back, so with the centre seam I have no excuse why I didn't do it.
 There is a bit of pulling at the sides
 I think this is the Itch to Stitch "Lago" tank (free!), and I don't think I did a FBA. Perhaps next time I will add just a smidge, especially if the fabric isn't too stretchy.
Not sure what I was showing, except my happiness! It had been a hot day at school and I loved my outfit. 

And wouldn't you know...I don't have a picture of the skirt. Imagine the skirt and bodice of that dress at the top, with an elastic waist, and pockets.  I wore it a couple times with a brown short sleeve sweater and a brown t-shirt. I decided the brown t-shirt was too worn for school (but I liked that it had a wide neck band, almost a yoke). So I decided to order some brown fabric to make something fresh. I haven't gotten to that yet. Soon! Maybe that should be next on my sewing list. I was going to make a dress, but unless I find some boots, dress season is coming to a close. 

So, from that one Value Village purchase, I made one tween dress, one temporary dress, a tank and a skirt that both fit into my wardrobe easily. 


Carol Urban said...

All of the outfits turned out really cute. That color fabric compliments your skin tone well.

TracyKM said...

Thanks Carol! I absolutely love the fabric colours. Brown is a basic in my wardrobe, so this can get a lot of wear!