Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blog when one can!

In 2000 I knit a pair of socks that I loved. I remember working on one of them when Huey was born--but I can't remember if it was #1 or #2. However, they were knit a little tight, and the heel flap was not long enough. I ended up with a bit of yarn left over (Schoeller-Esslinger Fortissimma 4 ply), and was ticked that I hadn't made the legs longer. But the real downfall happened slowly, over the years. I didn't know that carpet was bad for wool socks :( Gradually a hole wore in one, under the heel. I thought about duplicate stitch darning it, but decided that would be too lumpy and potentially not permanent. Earlier this year I decided I simply must re-knit the foot, adding a bit of length to the heel flap as well. How long could that take?
I seriously cannot remember when I started fixing these. I think it was before we moved in May...my memory is so bad now that I don't even know. But I grafted the toe yesterday. There's still ends to weave in, but at least we're still in Socktober. Part of the problem was I didn't write down exactly which lace pattern I used from the Harmony Guides. I figured that out quick enough...but then never wrote it out on a piece of portable paper. So every time I picked them up, I had to re-think the pattern. Not a difficult pattern though--I was pregnant when I was making them, LOL.
To speed it up a little, I decided to drop the outer lace repeat part way down the foot, then the next outer ones as I got further. I ended up with one center repeat a little too early, but oh well.
What I can't decide now...is whether to fix the other one right away, or finish another pair of socks I have in progress. I don't mind them not matching, but the other one will need to be fixed soon. Tell me--fix it now while I'm still in the mode, or write the pattern down, stick the needles in the yarn, and finish the other pair?
The photos that didn't quite make the cut this time:
Megan's hand included because....she's Megan.
The blob on the right of this photo....Cooper checking out the action.

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