Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fiona Ellis in Georgetown

Next Thursday is supposed to be my "Georgetown Night". Fiona Ellis is coming to put on a big presentation (provided someone comes up with a digital projector). Lucy has a 'Grandparent's Tea' at her kindergarten that afternoon, so Grandma (and Grandpa?) With the Pear Trees will be here. Do I take off to G'town? And then tonight, Rob comes in and says he's going to Luxembourg 'next week'. When Husky sends people on business trips, they make them as short as possible. It wouldn't surprise me if he's expected to fly out at 4am, stay one night there, get back at 2am and be expected to be back at work by 7:30am. And what day are we going to bet this occurs on?

And why do babies prefer to poop in a clean dry diaper?

Just a little eye candy as I have nothing new interesting to show; nothing as a .jpg file that I can upload. Can't even find Lucy in her Jane of the Jungle bikini. What's wrong with me? Oh...yeah, a stinky girl crawling around beside me...

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